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After Paying an Arm & a Leg for just ONE Gram of their Seeds (back in 2006), I figured, they must be good. So I was careful to Keep them from Cross-Pollinating.

Their Seeds produce such AMAZING results, that, the following Season, I Ordered EVERY Variety they carried:

…and have been Breeding them every year since.

As far as I know, I’m one of the ONLY Suppliers that carry ALL of the above. Any other Vendor who claims to have them, ask them to provide Original Photos of the Plants they grew, and make sure they aren’t taken from the Internet.

We have included several Photos and even VIDEOS to backup the Validity of our Seeds

The powers of the poppy have been known since at least 3400 B.C., when the Sumerians called it ‘Hul Gil’, the ‘flower of joy.’ It has also been variously called the Sacred Anchor Of Life, Milk Of Paradise, the Hand Of God, and Destroyer Of Grief.