When Poppy Seeds Over-Germinate. Separate? Or Annihilate?

How to Separate my Poppy Sprouts when too many Germinate

2 days ago

TUTORIAL: How to Grow Somniferum Poppies- Start HERE

Growing Papaver Somniferum Poppies (Part 1 of 5) Poppies are very easy to grow, can grow anywhere in the world,…

2 years ago

LIVING Somniferum Poppy Plants LEGALLY Bought & SOLD in USA

Poppy Laws (MOBILE Version). We see LIVING Somniferum (opium) Poppy Plants for Sale at our Local Major Grocery Chain each…

2 years ago

How Floppy Young Poppies will Thrive, Later in Life

How many of you have been able to get Poppies to Sprout, but then.....Nothing!? SOLUTION? The FIrst main Variables would…

3 years ago

Is the Somniferum Poppy Legal to Grow in the USA?

Poppies are grown for many different reasons. Despite the Stigmas that surround this beautiful flower, Somniferum Poppies are perfectly Legal…

5 years ago