Study of Characteristics in Ornamental somniferum Poppy 2017

Study of Characteristics in Ornamental somniferum Poppy 2017

STUDY: Content & Characteristics in Ornamental Papapver somniferum L. Cultivars, 2017

This recent Study of Characteristics in Ornamental Papaver somniferum Poppies, was Conducted in 2017.

….concluded that the: Queens Poppy, ‘Lauren’s Grape, & Flemish Antique Somniferum Poppies – TOPPED THE CHARTS!!

Referenced on Page 35 in the Study BELOW:


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  • Just got a nice amount of laurens grape if you need, which im sure you dont email me your number we've spoken before.drop your number if comfortable. Peace.

    • Thanks for the offer, but we just harvested a bunch from the ones we grew this most recent Season.
      But thank you! Much appreiated!

      • Where the hell am i? and how did i wind up here? lol, this site throws me all over the freaking place, to the point idk what im reading anymore.
        so i quit.
        I grew izmirs strains since the mid 90's, and picked up some of their strains thru you, i grew a lot of pot and used to just toss the seeds into a pot, threw then in a 12 hour light cycle until they where as big as i wanted, then threw them into an 18 hour light cycle room to flower. easy peasy actually.
        i used the same fertilizer at 1400 PPM, the same agrate plus commercial potting soil, AKA pro-mix #4 or similar types.
        also cleared a patch outside where the sun hit over 12 hours a day in early summer. never had a problem, i mean they r nuisance weeds just like pot is is the right environments,
        dont over think, over care, over water. omg when over watering is the most common problem ( which i know from personal experience) ur definenlty over thinking.
        thats human nature, we put r soul into r hobbies.
        and sometimes thats the opposite of what you want to do.
        i just planted ur ikkanshu, golden triangle, afghan specials, and of course izzy's bush seeds ( god their easy and oh so good.) lol.
        Ill keep u all posted if i can find this post again. ( well ok i am lost right now, and am pretty certain i wont find this place again) but ill try.
        lmao this site is harder to navigate then it is to grow the freaking things.

        • Hey cuda440, good to hear about your Poppies!!. Sorry about the site navigational issues. Let me guess. You're on a Mobile Device, right?
          Yes, I admit, we are still implementing the Mobile Version of our Site.
          For example, if you add /amp to the end of any Page URL such as this VERY PAGE:

          But, as you can see, it's a very stripped down Version, and it's missing it's CSS Design & Style, which we are currently working on (where u can see The MAIN MENU is accessed at the TOP/Center, rather than the Top/Right)
          I think, you landed on this Page because we had to SPLIT some of our Blog Posts up into multiple Parts (as they were growing in size with hundreds of Comments- making it impossible to load a page),
          So you may have clicked a Link from an Older Version of our Blog PRIOR to us Splitting it up (which could take you to wierd places).
          ALSO, while using MOBILE, you can ALWAYS access the the MAIN NAVIGATION "Slide-Out" MENU, by clicking the small square on the UPPER RIGHT of your screen- as shown HERE.
          That MENU is the ONLY Menu that Includes our Entire SiteMap
          Unfortunaly, it's not always VISIBLE, depending on the color of the background behind it (which changes as you naviagate the Site).
          We're working on a Solution. We have the ability and the resources. Just not the time, or Human Resources (which is very limited on this small island).
          If you have any suggestions (that you don't think we are aware of already, we're open to suggestions)

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