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  1. Brian
    06/25/2016 @ 9:21 pm

    Hello, not sure if I am asking this in the right spot but I purchased seeds long before I found this site and they claimed them to be afghan blue poppies. I asked them if they knew what colour the flower would bloom and they said light blue almost white. They claim it’s of the papaver somniferum type but upon further questions I got a little suspicious I was scammed with regular old store bought seeds. They sold me 1250+ for $29.99 on eBay and if they are just plain old McCormick seeds then I was most certainly ripped off as I could well have gone and got 10k+ for like $5.00. Please if you know what they are talking about and think you can confirm that there is a very light blue papaver flower then I won’t be concerned. They posted a generic photo online so I’m not sure what to think. Thanks guys!


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      06/27/2016 @ 10:17 am

      First of all. There’s no such thing as an “Afghan BLUE” Poppy. The only types that come out of Afghanistan (or are grown there) are Pink and/or White (SEE EXAMPLE 1 | EXAMPLE TWO) which have “off-White” Colored Seeds. (as you’ll see within the Listing in Example 2, and even a more reputable Source, see this Pic from CBS News)
      Several Sellers, and even people in General are unaware that there are such thing as “White” Papaver Somniferum Seeds.

      I can tell by the Title alone that this is clearly another eBay Reseller who buys Bulk Poppy Seeds from Spice Wholesalers, then they usually steal a Photo off Google (many times, they have stolen OUR Photos (which is why we must be sure to Watermark them all now).
      If the person has a Computer to sell something on ebay, surely they have a Camera since every Cell Phone in the world has one built in these days.
      A good way to decipher the real Sellers from the fake, is lack of Photos, Images, etc.
      Because ANYONE who puts the effort into growing this beautiful flower, would not only be proud, and amazed by their beauty, so why wouldn’t they have MULTIPLE Pics of their own?… but they’d ALSO be PROTECTIVE of their Images, so they would also have Images with their own WATERMARKS on them (Since they worked hard to grow their own Poppies, and everyone knows they get stolen).

      Right now, is actually the time of year they’re “IN BLOOM”. So they should be able to go into their Garden right now and take more Photos.
      I have been growing for 15 Years. So I have Photos from Multiple Seasons, of every Type of seed we carry (over 35+ Somniferum Types).

      I’m assuming you received standard Commercial Seed (the Seed color is Blue, but Blue Seeds actually produce a range of Flower Colors). One of the most common of these Flowers looks like THESE Tasmanian Flowers or these GIGANTEUMs (Notice we have SEVERAL Photos and TWO VIDEOS of our OWN Poppies, that you WON’t Find on Google Images without our Watermark).
      Now, if you were to ask for more, I’d have no problem with it, and neither should any other LEGITIMATE Seller.
      HERE is a GIGANTEUM POPPY Pic I took just YESTERDAY.
      Here are some Izmir Afghan Poppies from last week: PIC 1 | PIC 2

      But a true “BLUE Poppy” has a SOLID ‘Purple’ Flower such as THESE Persian Blue POPPIES
      Currently in our Garden blooming today: See NEW PIC 1

      Anyways, hope this helps.
      If you feel like sharing your PICS with us, Upload them HERE
      Good luck in the future!!


      • Brian
        06/27/2016 @ 2:01 pm

        Trust me I will be uploading many many great photos of what I’m growing!! I also forgot to ask you earlier. I k ow this may sound silly but I really really have had tremendous troubles with my soil and I need a good soil to grow these in! Would it be possible if you could send a sample of the soil you grow in or even sell me a big bag of it lol. I need to at least feel and see the soil so I can test and try to remake the soil that they grow best in! Right now I have them in a peat/miracle grow cactus mix which is working ok so far but I really want my poppies to flourish! The miracle grow cactus soil and peat makes a decent blend of sand/moisture in my opinion at least and they are doing pretty well from the looks of it. I just want to use what you guys use as it’s clearly doing wonders for you guys! I would be willing to pay for it. I just want to fill a 3.5 gallon hydroponic bucket with it and grow 1 or 2 in it and see if my soil compares with yours. I am a dedicated gardener over in newengland and I plan on being a regular. Let me know what you suggest or can do for me buddy! You guys are awesome!


        • OrganicalBotanicals
          06/29/2016 @ 11:55 am

          Yes, I glanced at your Pics, and will be replying soon. Are you wanting to know whether they’re poppies or not? Because I saw some new uploads that were not even close to being poppies, but it may have been another User.
          If you SCROLL DOWN a little in our ‘Late Bloomers’ Tutorial HERE, you’ll see some Full Size PICS, showing the kind of the Soil I used. Any Potting Mix will do.


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