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  1. phil
    04/25/2020 @ 10:36 am

    #61511 IS SHIPPED!!


    • Anton
      05/16/2020 @ 10:28 pm

      How come the discount code “$ PAY” isn’t working on my purchase of 300 giganteum poppies?

      Supposed to be ten dollars off


      • OrganicalBotanicals
        05/27/2020 @ 7:29 pm

        “PAY” is simply the button you click to ‘PAY’ for your Order.
        Click on the ‘$10 Dollar Coupon’ Button (on the CART Page) to reveal the COUPON CODE: ‘2020ShipL8’


      • Craig
        03/18/2022 @ 6:09 pm

        I am very interested in some of your Izmir Bush poppy seeds and I just wanted to make sure they are still available and get your advice before I order some seeds. Thanks.


  2. Jimmy McCrakin
    04/28/2020 @ 10:07 pm

    Greetings, I ordered 500 GMO Afghan “Special” seeds and I noticed the the picture of the seeds looked premature; am an avid Gardner and regularly grow papaver somniferum of all types. White seeds are always premature and I hope these aren’t the seeds im receiving. I’ve been scammed before, not to say you do that sort of thing, but if i don’t get any seeds to germinate I’ll have to file a dispute with PayPal.

    I want to be a long time customer. You have an excellent Inveventory. So fingers crossed, I hope to do business further in the future.

    Joseph Tidwell


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      04/29/2020 @ 2:51 pm

      Why would we display a picture of seeds that were Immature?
      Somniferum Seeds mature to become SEVERAL different COLORS (as shown in our Tutorial -see VIDEO in Part 1) depending on the Flower Color and Cultivar.
      Papaver Somniferum ‘Nigrum’ are probaalby what you’re used to.
      The are P. somniferum ‘Album’.
      White seeds are NOT always premature.
      However, all premature Seeds, DO all start out as White.
      Do some research on the web if you need to.
      We’ve grown White, brown, grey, blue, and many Colored seeds.


  3. James Wilson
    05/01/2020 @ 3:42 pm

    Just looking for an update on order number 61573. Thanks
    James Wilson


  4. Old Mcdonald
    10/02/2020 @ 10:55 pm

    Will we ever see HUNGARIAN BLUE ‘Buddha’ P. somniferum Poppy re-stocked?


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      10/28/2020 @ 8:32 am

      They should be stocked. SEE Here


    • Lu
      03/03/2021 @ 1:57 pm

      I just wanted to know when the stems with the buds would start to grow. I planted in the first week of december. And while the plants are fairly large no stems.


      • OrganicalBotanicals
        03/06/2021 @ 6:34 am

        Stems appear JUST as they begin to “Bolt” into the flowering stage. Be patient. Give them lots of light, and space.
        See out TUTORIALS in our BLOG


      • Steve Teal
        05/06/2021 @ 9:37 pm

        I am looking for Somnifrum to seed this fall. Can I use seeds from 2020 for 2021 or should I wait your next harvest. I am also looking for a variety that holds its blooms as long a possible thank you. Steve


  5. Stan Del Carlo
    10/06/2020 @ 11:34 am

    Good Day,

    Please tell me when the GMO Afghan 2020 harvest seeds are available.

    “This ‘Izmir Afghan Papaver Somniferum Poppy’ is the VERY STRAIN THAT HAS MADE HEADLINES in May 2015 (CBS™), and even more Recently known to be the renowned….”

    I tried to create an account on your website but I keep getting an error message. How do I open an account here?


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      10/28/2020 @ 8:30 am

      They are now Harvested an IN STOCK. Please go to the main Shop Page to find them. Or see HERE
      Most Orders are now shipping withing 2-3 business days.


  6. Jason
    11/27/2020 @ 7:12 pm

    Just wondering if the shipping times have gone back to normal or if they are still a bit longer because of the virus?

    Also when I was looking at the the Izmir Bush Seeds I saw a note on the bottom left of the picture that says “Do not cut pods, See our Do’s & Dont’s” but I couldn’t find the do’s and dont’s anywhere so I was wondering what that means exactly? Are they talking about dont deadhead the plant to make more grow? I just want to make sure I don’t hurt the plant if I decide to go with those seeds.

    Thanks guys!!!


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      12/04/2020 @ 9:08 am

      All shipping times are back to normal (meaning, they are shipped within 2 to 7 business days)- except for BULK Orders (1oz+, 1lb., 1 Kilo, etc) of which we have received a high Volume of Orders, thus causing a delay- since we have to process all the seeds from their dried pods.
      The “Note” at the Bottom Left that you are referring to, is something that was written on Izmir Oil & Spice‘s old Website (as that is just a screenshot when it was open several years ago).
      But it didn’t have anything to do with Deadheading. And I can’t talk about what it WAS referring to, as it goes against our Policies to discuss the subject, but it had more to do with the Law, than with Growing Techniques.


  7. Jason Beechem
    01/04/2021 @ 6:31 pm

    Just came across your website. Your store looks really. There are no stories in my area that are anything like this. I will be ordering soon.


  8. Jim
    01/14/2021 @ 10:56 am

    Hi just asking for a few pointers. I understand your busy. Been trying to read up as much as I can. Just ordered some afgan seeds and don’t want to mess them up (when they arrive) especially since they are pricey. I live in zone 7,was going to go for an early spring planting. I have a cool room in my house that is about 55 to 60 degrees. Would I have luck starting then inside then under lights or directly sowing into good soil? I Never buy gmos but made an exception here. Does this mean the seeds will be sterile? Any other pointers would be appreciated since I’ve never seen this strain. Thanks


  9. Dave Dumon
    02/21/2021 @ 9:12 am

    recieved seeds thanks


  10. abracadabra369
    03/06/2021 @ 6:09 am

    Hi, I’m a fan of your site, it’s great to see all these seeds of our beloved plant . Respect !!! I want to place an order but when I enter the delivery address I can’t select my country (France). Please, could you help me ? I would like to be able to sow these beauties before it’s too late. Thank you for your help.


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      03/06/2021 @ 6:32 am

      Sorry, we are currently serving Domestic (USA) Markets only for the time being, but soon, will ship globally.


  11. abracadabra369
    03/07/2021 @ 3:17 am

    Ok, thanks for your quick response. I’ll come back to your site later. Hoping to be able to get your seeds for this fall. In any case, well done for your passionate work ??


  12. dalpat077
    04/27/2021 @ 8:33 am

    Jordan (the shop owner) has sent me a text message and we are in contact.
    Apologies for the inconvenience.



  13. Danny
    05/03/2021 @ 3:57 pm

    Hey there,
    Question regarding poppy cross pollination: how long are the plants capable of being pollinated? If I were to purchase 2 varieties with maturation of say 55 and 60 days, would the difference be enough to isolate the genetics without having to collect seed and replant every year? I would prefer to let them freely reseed themselves. Perhaps I should simply confine myself to one strain. Related: not all of your varieties note the days until maturation. Thanks


  14. wildlife
    05/06/2021 @ 9:46 am

    Hi OrganicalBotanicals, please send to europe, its impossible to find quality seeds, THANKS !!!


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      06/02/2021 @ 3:51 am

      REALLY? i THOUGHT FARMER DODDS had all “The Best” Seeds. Or does he have the “Least in the East”?
      He buys all my Strains an then sets up shop of his own. But NEVER has Stock!! LOL


  15. Dylan Burns
    05/26/2021 @ 10:04 pm

    Hi Jordan, I would like to check on the status of order #62629.
    Hope all is well,


  16. Sam Talbot
    06/13/2021 @ 10:28 pm

    I am Sam, I am trying to signup for your affiliate program but facing some issues. please look into it and let me know so that I can proceed further.


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      07/04/2021 @ 1:38 pm

      Weird. Thanks for the head’s up. It was working just fine the day before. I am working on it.
      My apologies.


  17. Levi Byrum
    07/12/2021 @ 6:50 pm

    Hey I also think that there’s an issue on my end with the email account I did have you send the information to so that might be where the problem came from because I have been having problems receiving mail.


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      07/14/2021 @ 1:52 am

      Hey, did you check your SPAM/JUNK Mail Folders for our Confirmation email? Can you provide the 5-digit Confirmation Number that came from us (which usually happens right when you place your order).
      If you can’t find it, just provide the Name, Date, & Dollar Amount- and perhaps a Paypal Confirmation # (if possible)


  18. Trying a new hobby
    07/31/2021 @ 10:12 pm

    My apologies if this is duplicate, I did not receive email or see my comment online. I have purchased order#62845. The Super Colossus, I can get them to sprout, but after they start growing more leaves than two, they shrivel up and die. I dont know what can be causing this. I keep them in a constant 64 degree temperature, and they are in shaded sun. I have been using Jiffy green houses with peat pellets. They sprout great, but when I move them to their own pots shorty after, they die. I am not over watering either. When I put them in pots, it is not stressful for them, I am just putting the peat pellets in potting soil. Their environment only changes from not having the green house. Should they still be in ‘green houses’ after one or two weeks old? Any assistance you can provide, I would be grateful? I am trying one more time seeding straight to potting soil, rather than the ‘green house’/peat pellets.


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      08/23/2021 @ 9:32 am

      Have you gone through our TUTORIALS in our Blog?
      1.) – They Need FULL SUN (not shaded)
      2.) – You CANNOT Transplant them!! (no matter how gentle you think you are), it’s the change in Environment that Stunts them.
      Are you taking into account all the Variables that will effect them now that they’re exposed? Slugs, Birds, Rats, Pests, sometimes, just change of environment will do that to them. You always want to plant them in their Permanent home (unless you have years of experience).
      There are no such thing as “Bad Seeds” that are programmed to Sprout, then Die. I do hope you’re joking.
      If not, I apologize. I’m not making fun of you. Just trying to help.


  19. George Duchanin
    08/12/2021 @ 4:19 am

    Jordan: Thank you for your quick & considerate reply. If it is possible to consolidate the shipments & get a bonus to offset shipping costs as you mentioned – I’ll be one happy camper.


  20. Geeder
    09/03/2021 @ 7:37 am

    Jordan: I did receive my seeds — they arrived a bit late, but I got them.


  21. abracadabra369
    09/05/2021 @ 7:32 am

    Hi, I am a fan of your site, it is the Alibaba cave of poppies! I contacted you in March 2021 to know if you were sending to France, you told me that soon you would send again. Tell me if I can order please ? Regards.


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      09/11/2021 @ 5:59 pm

      Yes, please try to place the order and let us know if it goes through, or if it doesn’t.


  22. Natalee Leadbeatter
    09/28/2021 @ 4:27 pm

    Hi MY name is Natalee , I was wondering if there is a way for me to order the Hungarian Blue Buddha Papver Somniferum as I tried to order it on line and it wouldn’ t let me , i’m in Australia ?


  23. conordmulligan
    09/29/2021 @ 10:50 am


  24. ex jordanary
    10/07/2021 @ 11:16 am

    So I can also get a 20% COUPON CODE if I shared this same Video to my FACEBOOK Timeline? I just need to make sure to share to “PUBLIC” just like THIS ONE?:


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      10/13/2021 @ 5:15 pm

      YES, you can. Just follow instructions above and then share the Link here.


  25. Ursula
    02/24/2022 @ 6:59 pm

    Where are you located (what country)? And what countries do you ship to? I did search your site for this information and couldn’t find it. Thank you.


  26. Augentor
    05/01/2022 @ 12:30 am

    I read through a lot comments blog etc and understand your situation so I’ll TRY(not good at it though) to keep it short.
    No one mentioned Your Afghan GMOs exact weather tolerance although you did say they will survive a few freezes at about one inch tall.
    So as to make it easier for you
    Where do the GMO seeds differ, ik you already said they like the same conditions. But the article you linked, mentioned year round growing for opium farmers and other comments that they thrived in adverse conditions.
    So what can they withstand as seeds, in veg ie their phases.
    I live in Euro country and the winter often is mild but still will have freezes and days of snow. Springs are perfect for sowing as even late Temps often do not go above 18° even in late April.
    Thus could I just throw out GMO seeds into the metaphorical snow and have them grow mid winter?
    Thanks I hope didn’t steal too much of your time as I put slot of effort into reading first,
    Am really interested in the answer.


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      05/20/2022 @ 12:44 am

      The GMO’s grow in the same Conditions as all Somniferum Poppies. Generally, if you do a search online about “Where & When you can Grow Somniferum Poppies”, you’ll see many Results stating that Poppies can grow anywhere in the world.
      And it’s almost actually true, however, the Season (when to plant), has much to do with that.
      But one thing rarely mentioned is “Elevation”.
      For example, in Afghanistan (the linked Article) where “Poppy Farmers” live, they use the Elevation of their Mountains to provide year-round growing conditions.
      In warmer times, they move UP the mountain. In Winter, they grow them toward the Bottom of the Mountains.
      I hope that this answered your questions.


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