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  1. trees
    05/24/2022 @ 9:18 am

    Hello good day is there any way to buy any Hungarian Blue Buddha Papaver Somniferum Poppy Seeds this year. even if it less then 500 seeds


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      06/02/2022 @ 3:35 pm

      No, I’m sorry. Unfortunately, we charged too little $$ for our Seeds, and they were all Sold for the Season.
      I know it sucks, but we can only grow once a year. And we try to normalize our inventory based on Supply & Demand by using Price points, but didn’t want to raise prices any higher.
      It seems we usually have to choose between No or Low Stock, or High Prices.
      We should have more this Fall when we harvest.


  2. mars volta
    05/24/2022 @ 7:01 pm

    “Poppy Copies”. I’ve read your page and there is LITTLE information on as you stated “poppy copies”. You’d mentioned you would post a more extensive photo illustration of poppy copies, but the photos/data is not on your page. This information would prove invaluable to many of your readers. For example, I’ve been tricked by a plant similar to the one found on your page, seen here,

    However, the weed/plant that has me fooled again and again is not identical to the one seen in the ONLY image I can find online noting pap. somn. “copies”, YOUR web-link above. Ergo, post a bunch of photos on “poppy copies”. It would be a great resource! Thanks for your time and help


    • OrganicalBotanicals
      06/02/2022 @ 3:29 pm

      Please understand that we don’t live in all 50 States.
      We can only provide Photos of the weeds that grow wild here in the Northwest.
      It’s up to YOU (the User), to utilize the Blog we provide, to Upload the Pics of similar Weeds in YOUR area, if you wish (Upload to, then paste Link in a Comment below the Blog Post) which would be very helpful and appreciated. Also be sure to READ the answers to Comments left by us and others, as there are tons of answers.
      YOU have the ability to make things better!
      I we have Posted SEVERAL Photos AND Videos in our Blog (showing what Poppy Sprouts look like). So many, that we have overloaded our Host. I encourage you to explore a couple other Posts in our Blog.
      Don’t just look at one Post.
      Much appreciated!!


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