When Poppy Seeds Over-Germinate. Separate? Or Annihilate?

How to Separate my Poppy Sprouts when too many Germinate

2 days ago

Print Portfolio

Poppy Prints on Apparel, Clothing, Home Decor, Wall Art, Canvas, etc. (clothing, cell phone cases, custom framed art, framed prints,…

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TUTORIAL: How to Grow Somniferum Poppies- Start HERE

Growing Papaver Somniferum Poppies (Part 1 of 5) Poppies are very easy to grow, can grow anywhere in the world,…

2 years ago

LIVING Somniferum Poppy Plants LEGALLY Bought & SOLD in USA

Poppy Laws (MOBILE Version). We see LIVING Somniferum (opium) Poppy Plants for Sale at our Local Major Grocery Chain each…

2 years ago

Study of Characteristics in Ornamental somniferum Poppy 2017

This Study of Alkaloids in Ornamental P. somniferum Poppies, 2017, concludes that the ‘Queens Poppy’, ‘Lauren’s Grape’, and 'Flemish Antique'…

2 years ago

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Your Opinion Counts! PLEASE VOTE! POLL: What Payment Options Should we Add?

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Common Weeds Often Confused with Poppies

All Somniferum Sprouts will have a very faint, Blu-ish tint compared to other weeds - and it's Stem will be…

3 years ago

Growing Poppies Outdoors in Pots and Containers

Use a light, and fluffy Potting Mix - DO NOT USE MANURE or COMPOST as this will not drain well.…

3 years ago

How Floppy Young Poppies will Thrive, Later in Life

How many of you have been able to get Poppies to Sprout, but then.....Nothing!? SOLUTION? The FIrst main Variables would…

3 years ago

Soon to Be and Recently…

Products: Soon to be, and Recently, Listed: Soon to be listed...

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Planting Papaver Somniferum Poppies Late Season or Hot weather

Weather too Hot? Got a LATE Start this Year? An Early Season of HOT Weather? If you're Planting Papaver Somniferum…

3 years ago

Our Poppy Videos

See our Wonderful Poppy Flower Colors in HD Motion Video

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Earn $1 Dollar for EACH Referral, PLUS 20% from ALL their Future Purchases - FOR LIFE Simply Join our Affiliate…

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Find your USDA Hardiness Zone w/ ZIP Code

You can Find your USDA Hardiness Zone with just your ZIP Code, OR, try our Color Coded, Interactive USDA Zone,…

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Product Videos

Videos Displaying Our Products of Live exotic Flowers and Botanicals from our garden including Poppies grown from Seeds we sell…

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Organical Botanicals Product Images

Images and Photos of Rare and Exotic Botanicals

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Is the Somniferum Poppy Legal to Grow in the USA?

Poppies are grown for many different reasons. Despite the Stigmas that surround this beautiful flower, Somniferum Poppies are perfectly Legal…

5 years ago

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-GROWING: Growers share Opinions & Experiences on Growing Poppies. Photos of your Best Grow Season. Tips. Things to Avoid. -LAWS:…

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TUTORIAL ‘Growing Somniferum Poppies’ (for mobile)

YES, Poppy Seeds DO need LIGHT to Germinate! They HATE being Transplanted and prefer Cool Temps. The best times to…

5 years ago