1. Jonathan Mitchell
    09/10/2014 @ 9:32 am

    How do I know when u figure it out?

    • OrganicalBotanicals
      09/10/2014 @ 9:44 am

      *LOL* – We will embed your Photos (or media) onto the Page here and either provide an answer, or let other Users Submit answers too. So everything will be Publicly Viewable which will allow for the best possible answer. (Similar to how WikiHow works where people come together in a combined effort resulting in the refinement of facts) I want to say “perfection”, but human’s can’t achieve that so I’ll stick with “refinement” *LOL*.

  2. Carolyn Orbach
    04/24/2015 @ 1:20 pm

    WELL! I messed up pretty immediately by downloading a picture twice. I just did it about 30 minutes ago and it’s 4:16pm EDT. It’s the only side by side, twin pix of a pink “P Somniferum”. I’ve tried fixing it myself to no avail……..

  3. Travis77
    05/31/2015 @ 3:27 pm

    I hope I downloaded the 3 pictures. The red bucket has the P. White flowers. The beige pot has the P. Danish Flag. I have them planted in a 12″ pot in this pattern: * * . It’s funny-the Danish Flag in the middle has a reddish tinge on the middle vein &
    * *
    on the edges of the leaves ? The other 4 Danish Flags don’t have this ?
    The P. White (in the red bucket) are about 6″ high [see the clear ruler standing up]. The 3rd picture shows the “bud” forming at 7 weeks from sowing. I have never seen these plants growing before. It reminds me Seymour’s plant in “Little Shop of Horrors”. ;-D

    09/28/2015 @ 4:02 pm

    Hello.. I posted two pics (i hope) above where it states to upload pic for identification! Can someone please help me identify these images? I purchased them from some Seller on eBay who identified them as Papaver Somniferum Poppy seeds. I have been comparing to images on this site and others and they look nothing like what I see… Tell me what do you think?

  5. mysticalmanatee
    02/10/2016 @ 8:06 am

    Hello, I’ve got seeds on the way from you, but I decided to try and plant some other seeds I had laying around from some dried pods I got from the web. They are sprouting already, after only 5 days instead of 2 weeks. The pods I bought weren’t very good is it possible they were a different type of poppy, not a somniferum?

    • OrganicalBotanicals
      02/13/2016 @ 10:47 pm

      It’s Possible, yes. It can take UP TO two weeks for them to sprout, but CAN sprout in 6 days. If you have a Pic of the Pod, Seeds, or the Sprouts, I may be able to help identify them. Try uploading Pics to ANY Public Photo Host, then Posting URL Here
      Many Poppies have “Pods”, and even bleed -But not all are Somniferum.

      • mysticalmanatee
        03/04/2016 @ 9:38 am

        I should have taken pictures of the pods that I got the seeds from, but I didn’t think of it at the time, and since then those pods got accidentally ground up.

        I’ll go out in a little bit and get pictures of what they look like now, I’ve been concerned because after I thinned them down last week they all fell over and they look a mess. They are still getting bigger though, so fingers crossed.

    • mysticalmanatee
      02/23/2016 @ 8:27 am

      a few days ago that show what my plants look like, I’m not sure if you had the chance to take a look at them, I’m sure you are very busy this time of year. I planted these about 1 1/2 months ago and so far they still look like I’m growing Salad Lettuce, except they are really tall, I’m concerned because they look nothing like what I imagined a “Flower” would look like. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    • OrganicalBotanicals
      03/02/2016 @ 2:05 pm

      I saw the photos of the Sprouts. But it’s too early to tell. They could be anything. I was hoping for photos of the Pods they came from or something. I may be able to tell by now if you wanna try submitting some Pics now.

      • mysticalmanatee
        02/14/2016 @ 12:30 pm

        Ok, i just uploaded 2 pics of my seedlings, thanks so much for taking a look at them for me, I’d hate to waste too much room if they’re not somniferum, especially since I’ve got quite a few known seeds on the way.

        • OrganicalBotanicals
          03/11/2016 @ 3:25 am

          Scroll up to “WEEK 6” – just above where it says “CABBAGE STAGE” there a BIG Button that says:
          Click on that to expand it.

  6. AllenD
    04/06/2016 @ 6:36 pm

    I posted a pic. Of my plants they are in the peat pot pellets and they’re in the very early stages of germination and just sprouting in the bottom of them they have what looks like some kind of white fungus or something is that an issue? And I will repost a pic right now I don’t know how to post a pic and comment at the same at the same time

  7. cRaZyLoVe
    04/09/2016 @ 5:54 pm

    Hello I believe I uploaded a pic… please let me know if this is what I want.. papaver somniferum 🙂 I actually got some from you and alsI planted some from store. We have lots of land and my husband thinks they are everywhere. ..lol so without a doubt I don’t believe they all can be them. Thank you

    • OrganicalBotanicals
      04/11/2016 @ 4:20 pm

      I have updated the pic with a Note on it. Click Link within this Post to “View current/past Submissions”.

      • cRaZyLoVe
        04/16/2016 @ 12:52 pm

        Thank you so much.. really is did my research but just needed a second opinion. There was one more small pick with small blue bic… could you let me know if it is papaver somniferum?? I am trying to germinate some in small toilet paper rolls indoors.. Just wanted to know if I had any luck in ground from last try. Thank SOOOOOO MUCH your AWESOME

        • OrganicalBotanicals
          04/17/2016 @ 11:09 pm

          Ok, I have answered that one too – above.

          • cRaZyLoVe
            04/17/2016 @ 11:55 pm

            Nice touch indeed… You totally made my day 🙂 Ok so I will not be sending more pics of random weeds/or wildflowers… ( I know.. I know you will truly miss that part). I instead made sure to germinate them in seperate containers AWAY grom anything else green. I do believe because we are (Mariposa, Ca) slowly coming out of a 4 year drought it seems EVERYTHING is re-growing with a slight vengeance… I most definitely will still have questions for you if you don’t mind—–> ??((my sad puppy dog eyes))??<—— than just maybe only in reference to the caretaking of these ~♡Amazing ♡Natural ♡Beauties~ Yay I'm excited!! Thank You in advanced.

            Sincerely Your Fan,

      • Mike01100
        06/29/2016 @ 7:38 am

        J ai mis 2 photo pouvez vous me dire qu’elle variétés de pavots j ai. Merci

        • OrganicalBotanicals
          07/10/2016 @ 2:46 am

          Salut. Je l’ai commenté sur chaque image . Je suppose que vous parlez de ces deux images :
          Photo one – Ceci est le plus fréquent des fleurs de pavot qui existent . Mais oui, ils sont somniferum (opium) Poppies . Peut-être de Tasmanie , ou Giganteum , mais il est difficile de dire à ce stade . Après les pétales tombent , la partie centrale sera commencera à croître beaucoup plus grande.
          Photo deux – Le terme approprié pour cette couleur coquelicot est un coquelicot bleu ( même si elle est en fait de couleur pourpre. ) Peut-être un bleu hongrois ou persan . Mais je ne voudrais pas vous soucier de leur taille pour le moment parce que leur gousse commence à se former à partir de la partie centrale , après que les pétales de fleurs tombent loin . Assurez-vous de les garder dans le sol jusqu’à ce que leurs gousses ont fini de maturation. Cela peut prendre quelques semaines .

  8. Brian
    06/27/2016 @ 12:48 pm

    I hope you guys are still up! I have no problem with fully supporting you guys as this site is amazing! I am looking to be a full time regular customer!

  9. Brian
    06/28/2016 @ 9:01 pm

    Please fill me in on the pics I have uploaded. Having a few problems. I can’t seem to figure out how to get the seedling stems to stay strong. Maybe I’m watering too frequent? When I see the topsoil get dry I immediately water. I want this to work more than anything!!!
    Also I have a 2 pound bag of vermiculite… Can I swap the perlite strategy you use with the vermiculite?? Also not sure what I should do about my pot.
    It’s a 25 gallon pot with no holes at the bottom!! It’s inside and they are getting plenty light but I think I’m messing up with nutrients/soil/watering. Temp is around steady 69-73! Please help! The stems are getting shriveled and getting mold it looks like. And some leaves are slight yellow at edges. Also I though somniferum didn’t have hairs on the leaves. Do I have orientale poppy?!?!

    • OrganicalBotanicals
      06/29/2016 @ 12:29 pm

      Yes, I glanced at your Pics, and will be replying soon. Are you wanting to know whether they’re poppies or not? Because I saw some new uploads that were not even close to being poppies, but it may have been another User.
      Perlite DRIANS, while Vermiculite RETAINS Moisture

      If you SCROLL DOWN a little in our ‘Late Bloomers’ Tutorial HERE, you’ll see some Full Size PICS, showing the kind of the Soil I used.
      Just give them a good soaking every 3 to 5 days – this will promote their root growth since the root will chase after the water line as it lowers.
      Can you cut or Drill Holes on the bottom (or near the bottom on the sides)? Then put a Plant Liner underneath to catch any excess?

      The Seedling stems aren’t supposed to stay strong. Did you read the Blog Post ENTITLED: “Weak, Dwarfed, or Dead. Why?”

      It serves a purpose later in their lives.
      Yellowing leaves are also normal, but only during & After the Flowering stage.
      But if it’s happening before that, then it’s might be your Nutrient mix (I NEVER use ‘Miracle Grow’ – ONLY 100% Organic Fertilizers (Feather, Bone, & Blood Meal, Greensand, Seashell Mix – Look for a Brand called ‘Good Earth’ for Organic Fertilizers).
      Also, remember poppies are Nitrogen Dominant at ALL Stages of growth. Even Flowering.

      Hairs appear VERY Sparsely on Leaves and Stems, but they won’t feel “Furry” like orientale Poppies. They look more like, soft, green thorns.
      Depends what stage of growth you’re talking about.
      Did you upload a Pic?
      In not, then try to (but when uploading, try to Name the Image’s Filename’s to include your Username so I know who it’s from.
      (i.e.: My_Poppy_Pic_1_MyUserName.jpg

      • Brian
        06/30/2016 @ 9:57 pm

        Hey thanks so much for the reply. My photos were the poppy seedlings. So the one closeup, is the hairy one I was curious about!! I’m not sure they are somni poppies… What you think? Also next time I will name them. But check out the close up of the stem with white residue on it. Almost looks like rot. I did cut back on watering now. And lastly the ones that are GMO you offer say 55 days. Does that literally mean it will germ, sprout, veg, and bloom all in 55 days??? That’s amazing if so! It will make beautiful displays of flowers much faster!!! I dig it! Can’t wait for theses guys to grow!! My first time so I am curious to see how it works out! I actually have and started using bonemeal before you said that!! It’s a slow release nitrogen if I’m not mistaken. When you say nitrogen dominant you mean it sucks up nitrogen like crazy? So the fuzzy one seems to be growing much faster than the not so fuzzy ones. Not sure if they somni or not. And lastly can you clone these from leaf clippings? Or at all? I love science!

        • OrganicalBotanicals
          07/09/2016 @ 4:59 pm

          I have created Comments on all Photos.
          For instructions on how to see the Comments, scroll up above the Comments and you’ll find a 3-STEP Photo Instructional, or GO HERE
          “Fur” on other poppies such as the Orientele Strain, doesn’t really develop until way later in life.
          This seedling stage is when they’re MOST sensitive – and many people have a difficult time getting their Seedlings to survive longer than 2 to 4 weeks. So you need to be precise in what you do, and don’t try “too hard” or you’ll screw them up.
          As shown in my Tutorial Video, I water seeds n sprouts from the bottom – but NEVER water every day (once they’ve sprouted).
          You need to promote Root Growth at this stage, and that’s why you need to let it dry out before you water again so that the roots grow downwards and chase the water.
          (NOTE: The Tutorial Page I linked to (above), assumes that one is planting in Early Spring just after Frost)
          NO – YOU CANNOT “CLONE” Poppies

      • Mike01100
        07/02/2016 @ 3:54 am

        J ai poser 2 photos c est bien des pavots mais quel variété et pourquoi sont il si petit?? Merci

        • OrganicalBotanicals
          07/09/2016 @ 5:25 pm

          J’ai créé Commentaires sur toutes les photos . Pour obtenir des instructions sur la façon de voir les commentaires , faites défiler au-dessus des commentaires et vous trouverez un Trois étape photo pédagogique Curseur , ou Cliquez ici
          La raison pour laquelle le vôtre sont si petits peuvent avoir plusieurs raisons , en particulier lors de l’utilisation des pots , vous devez avoir très lâche , un sol bien drainant .
          Mais ce qui semble être le cas avec le vôtre sont qu’ils ont probablement été plantés un peu tard dans la saison, donc ils ont commencé à fleurir plus tôt – ce qui se traduit toujours par des plantes plus petites .
          Mais le sol compacté sera également le faire. Ou, si vous n ; t permettent assez lumière directe du soleil ou assez espace . Par exemple, vous ne voulez jamais avoir plus d’un pavot par pot.
          Remarquez en cette photo ici comment j’avoir une plante saine dans un pot de 5 gallons qui vient fleuri , et a plusieurs plus de fleurs sur le chemin.
          Cela a augmenté dans les mêmes pots montrés dans cette vidéo ici

  10. Brian
    07/09/2016 @ 9:16 pm

    I got my GMO seeds! I got one out like 20 that has 3 first leaves!!!!!!!! I could t believe my eyes! I am really curious to see how it grows! Please let me know what you think about this phenomenon!

  11. ruuoots
    01/17/2017 @ 8:20 pm

    Hello, please could you explain the difference between your ‘Tasmanian’ poppy strains. I see 3 separate listings ‘500 Izmir Tasmanian’ , ‘300 Tasmanian Alkaloids’ & another with similar description but with spelling Tazmanian. Thank you.

    • OrganicalBotanicals
      01/26/2017 @ 9:36 pm

      One is “Izmir Tasmanian” (seed originated from ‘Izmir Oil & Spice Co.’)>

      The other two, Originated from Tasmania. Those two are IDENTICAL SEEDS, only difference is the Spelling of “Tasmanian” (for Search Optimization Purposes) since many people think it’s spelled with a “Z” (i.e.: “Tazmanian”), and I don’t like to create “Re-Directs” on my Site.
      The reason why the Descriptions might not match word-for-word, is also due to SEO Rankings (search Rankings can be effected negatively for “Duplicate Content” as well.
      NO, none of our Seeds are the “Norman” Strain, as those have actually NEVER been released to the Public and are guarded under Lock & Key.

  12. johannes
    05/25/2017 @ 3:25 pm

    Hi! I´m Johannes from Trondheim, Norway. I sent an email to the admin. some weeks ago about identifying some poppies i have grown indoor.
    I have posted some pictures on imgur. The two first pictures are the Izmir Afghan GMO. I was just asked to post them too. They are grown indoor but i moved them out now,
    which they really seem to like. Here is the url´s: http://imgur.com/a/wyfUz (Izmir),
    http://imgur.com/a/Ag2r6 (Izmir).
    Then there is a picture of the unidentified poppy: http://imgur.com/a/tO1UB .
    And finally a picture of three petals: http://imgur.com/a/4NvUE
    The one i can´t identify and another one i really don’t know what is (the purple one). And finally the Izmir.
    Hope someone can help me:) I also have a question regarding seedlings and when, how and how much i should thin them.
    I will post a picture soon as possible of what looks
    like a “green carpet” in my beds. Hope to hear from someone. Have a great day! Johannes

    • OrganicalBotanicals
      05/27/2017 @ 6:40 pm

      The Unidentified ones actually appear to be Similar to our Izmir Bush (Violet petal), and our Izmir Asian OB.
      • Did you also Order those ones from Us?
      If not, perhaps there may have been a Packing Error, or they could have been from stray seeds (that get stuck to the teaspoon we use to fill each Pack).
      But they are in fact Papaver Somniferum.

      As far as thinning, I cover this in our main Tutorial, but you want to thin them every couple weeks until you have just ONE Plant every 18″.
      If you don’t thin them, they won’t grow!!
      And it’s always better to have FEWER Large, strong plants, than having many weak, thin-stemmed, single pod Plants.

  13. jmykl
    05/28/2017 @ 3:35 am

    Thanks! Off course, hybrid sounds right. I´ve used ordinary bread seeds from the store. I imagine they have giant fields with poppies mixing and cross pollinating.
    This spring i planted Izmir GMO, tasmanian, hens and chicks, danish flag, giganteum and blue hungarian outdoor with tiny plastic cup greenhouses like the ones in the tutorial. They have all sprouted so I’m really exited!
    I will start thinning regularly now. It just hurts me to remove so many tiny seedlings:) Johannes

    • OrganicalBotanicals
      05/28/2017 @ 10:37 am

      Yes, I know it hurts, but it must be done.
      Get used to it, cuz you will be thinning larger ones each week until you’re pulling out full, 6″-8″ Cabbages.
      I do it every year.
      It kills me, but it MUST be done!
      I have tried keeping as many as possible before, and I ended up with several tiny, weak-stemmed, single-flower Poppies that blew over the first breezy day of the Fall.
      It’s much better to have a strong, robust plant, with a large root system, that can hold it’s weight of the Pods when they swell.
      I’ve had 75+ Blooms and Pods on a Single Plant (as I’m sure you’ve seen).

  14. jmykl
    05/29/2017 @ 11:09 am

    Thanks! Hope they like it here in this climate. Quite cold, not so much direct sunlight and quite a lot rain. But we have very long days.The sun goes down around. 23.00 an rises around 05.00. I´ll post some pictures on FB again in a while.

  15. johannes
    06/28/2017 @ 4:30 pm

    Hi! My Izmir GMO Poppies are blooming!
    I was really not sure if they would like the climate here in Trondheim, Norway.
    But I Guess they did. In a while i can collect the seeds and i was wondering if the seeds inherit the same qualities as the original ones? Are they still GMO?
    Could they be cross pollinated, will they look different next year? They were off course the first to bloom so maybe they’re intact?
    I’m really new to this so i might not be making any sense but you might have some kind of answer:)

  16. Hannes Gutenbrunner
    10/07/2017 @ 7:13 am

    I was given some seeds on my last holiday to New Zealand. P. somniferum – but which strain do you think this is?


  17. Mshane781
    11/19/2017 @ 8:02 am

    No way to tell with the little info you provided.

    • OrganicalBotanicals
      11/25/2017 @ 12:46 am

      LITTLE INFO?? Did you happen to notice our Answer to the 42 Comments prior to yours on this very Post?
      ALSO, did you explore other parts of our blog?
      We have packed over 16 uears worth of FREE INFORMATION, and Resources onto our Blog.
      Please let me know if i still need help, and exactly what can i help you with?

  18. SEOClerX
    01/18/2019 @ 1:23 am

    Thanks!!! Love your shoppe!!

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