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Organical Botanicals

About Us:

For over 15+years,  Organical Botanicals has been Breeding Rare, 100% Organic Botanicals, and Viable Heirloom Seeds. Collected from independent Farmers around the World. Planted, Grown, and Harvested right here at our Farm in the Pacific Northwest – then making them available Here – and NOWHERE Else!!

We never use Paid Advertising to bring Buyers to our Store – We run on Word-of-Mouth alone!

Unlike many other Botanical Vendors who sell on every eCommerce Marketplace & Auction Site, listing their items on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc.
We don’t sell our products anywhere else, besides our own Website

Sure, we could probably make more money.
But it’s never been about the money for us.

Nature. Research. Botany. Gardening. Dirt. Flowers. Plants.

Organic living thingsHuman Beings.
This is a passion. It’s special.
So it only belongs in the hands of people who feel the same way.
Which is why we try to make our customers feel just as special and unique as the quality products we offer here at Organical Botanicals.
Why should it be any other way

Harvested from some of the most Unique Plant Species & Rare Breeds of Exotic Flowers. We take GREAT Pride in what we do. Which explains why EVERY Photo & Video you see on each Sales Page, displays the VERY Plants & Flowers that we harvest your Seeds from, Breed them Ourselves, Harvest for Seed, and Deliver directly to your doorstep. 

Be sure to see our BLOG for Tutorials, Resources, and F.A.Q. Sections

…and if you decide to Shop, know that all Data is Safely TRANSMITTED PROTECTED BY: COMODO

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Unless otherwise Specified, most of our Products are:

100% Organic | Un-Washed | Un-Treated | Heirloom


  • March, 2001

    Our Past:

    Our Past:

    We started out selling our Products on almost every eCommerce Site known to man in the 90’s – mostly because we knew very little about the Online eCommerce Marketplace in general – since we mainly focused on Botany, Gardening, Farming, etc. But after spending a fortune on a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company to help our Store Rank Higher in Search Results on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc -, the decision was made to put some more of our focus on Learning more about SEO and Internet Marketing. Hence, the birth of our Publishing Company – Garbage Juice Publishing 

    But Really: We provide a unique variety of products of the highest quality – So why should we allow them to be sold to the General Public?

    +++++++++(to be continued)++++++++++